EPA scaffolding




Type: JMA End Point Assessment (EPA) Route: Construction Min. Apprenticeship Duration: 18 Months
Level: 2 Band: £9000


JMA is an established Ofqual regulated Awarding Organisation, bringing this level of quality assurance to its End Point Assessment provision.

JMA is an independent End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO) who have been successfully delivering End Point Assessments since August 2020 in scaffolding. JMA is at present one of two EPAO’s in this standard. We use ACE360 for our EPA’s and have developed our own relationship with Fiss.org.uk to become a leading factor in the ACE360 program.

The JMA Approach

JMA works in partnership with employers and Training Providers to provide a quality-first End Point Assessment (EPA). End Point Assessment is the final stage of the apprenticeship where the apprentice demonstrates the Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours gained on-programme to an independent End Point Assessor.

Apprentice Profile

The primary role of a Scaffolder is to provide access solutions or structural support which allows other trades to carry out their roles safely whilst working at height. Upon completion of this apprenticeship, the operative will have achieved the established trade competency for the scaffolding industry which will enable them to erect, alter and dismantle a wide range of scaffolding structures as covered by this training and assessment.

The required Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours of the Scaffolding apprenticeship standard will be fully communicated to the apprentice at the start of their apprenticeship, in preparation for End Point Assessment. End Point Assessment is carried out independently by qualified JMA End Point Assessors to ensure a quality robust End Point Assessment you can trust.

On-programme Delivery

The required Knowledge, Skills, and Behaviours of the Scaffolding apprenticeship standard that the apprentice will be required to learn during the on-programme phase of the apprenticeship, are found on the Institute for Apprenticeships & Technical Education website. Click the link below to see the apprenticeship standard and assessment plan in further detail:



End Point Assessment Gateway

To move to End Point Assessment, the apprentice must have achieved the relevant Maths and English at Level 1 and to have attempted the Level 2 tests.

End point Assessment

End Point Assessment is the final stage of the apprenticeship. The overall grades available for the End Point Assessment in scaffolding  are Pass or Fail.

The End Point Assessment for the Scaffolding apprenticeship standard consists of the following:

Knowledge Assessment: The knowledge test will consist of 50 multiple-choice questions, of which 40 will be knowledge-based and 10 will be scenario-based.

Practical Assessment:

Both an individual and group exercise will be undertaken.

The apprentice will use and follow a specification and drawing to erect and dismantle scaffold in a controlled assessment environment. The Practical Assessment will assess against the knowledge, skills, and behaviours within the Standard

EPA Fees

JMA EPA services are competitively priced. As a leading EPA organisation in scaffolding, we ensure our charges are below the maximum 20% of the total apprenticeship. We do not charge for Re-Sits or Re-Takes.

EPA Booking and Scheduling

JMA organises the EPA at a suitable time for the employer, training provider and apprentice. We then book the independent assessor who will deliver the EPA, Using ACE360 as the booking tool.

Arranging a quality EPA involves a number of people and organisations and can be time consuming , JMA uses ACE360 for all of our EPA Services so we require a minimum of one month to ensure all elements of EPA are in place including, contracting, invoicing, and scheduling.

EPA Resources and Support

JMA has a range of useful EPA resources available through ACE360, and our friendly team is available to offer expert advice and support for both Employers and training providers.


On successful completion, JMA will issue an EPA grade notification and apply to the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) to produce the final apprenticeship certificate.


This standard has been designed to allow the individual to meet the requirements of the Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme (CISRS). Progression from the Level 2 Apprenticeship could lead to undertaking advanced scaffolder training.