Display Screen Equipment and Computer Safety




Under Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations, employers are required to ensure that users of computers and other items of display screen equipment (DSE) are provided with adequate training on how to use these devices and their workstations safely. It is up to the employer how this training is provided. Our Display Screen Equipment and Computer Safety provides the correct information and training to fulfill this requirement.

Our computer safety e-learning course meets this legal requirement and it helps to reduce risks of ill-health caused by the use of DSE. The training is suitable for any employee who needs to use DSE in the workplace.

Course Duration

The course takes around 30 mins to complete.


Each of the following elements is covered in the training programme:

  • Health effects from using computers
  • The law on display screen equipment
  • Employers’ duties
  • Getting comfortable and making adjustments – seat height, your desk and avoiding glare
  • Typing
  • Using a mouse
  • Reading the screen
  • Posture and breaks
  • Using laptops safely
  • End of course assessment

Once you have purchased the Display Screen Equipment and Computer Safety course (paid via debit/credit card) then you will receive an automated email to the address provided at time of booking giving full details how to access your course.