Manual Handling Awareness Course




Manual Handling Operations regulations in the UK require employers to ensure that their personnel are given adequate information and training on manual handling at work, which is provided in our Manual Handling Awareness Course.

Our Manual Handling Awareness e-learning course meets this legal obligation and it also ensures that staff members know how to lift objects safely without risking injury. It is intended for workers who are required to manually lift, carry, push or pull any load.

Course Duration

The course takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.


The training programme covers the following points:

  • Definition of manual handling
  • The manual handling problem
  • Manual handling law
  • Avoiding manual handling
  • Reducing risks from manual handling
  • Manual handling risk factors (including task, individual, load and environment)
  • Structure, function and anatomy of the spine
  • Common manual handling injuries
  • Advice for sufferers of back pain
  • Safe lifting technique
  • Safe pushing/pulling technique
  • End of course assessment

Once you have purchased the course (paid via debit/credit card) then you will receive an automated email to the address provided at time of booking giving full details how to access your course.